Lectronix create web sites, mobile & desktop apps for most business & personal applications. We host most of our client's web sites from our own servers and do all the things that get their sites listed on search engines such as Google. We also provide all the other services such as email, spam protection, self-edit sites & eCommerce.

We make apps for desktop and mobile devices as well for distribution online or via disc formats such as CD & DVD.

We also make multimedia CD-ROM and DVD Video products.

Web Site Design

We create and maintain web sites for many businesses. Here are a few examples of recent web site projects:

Web Hosting

SEO & Web Advertising

Getting your web site to the top of search results can be a frustrating process. We can help with:

Apps & Multimedia

We have a long history of application programming, from old school desktop PC & Mac programs to the latest Mobile apps. We've produced hundreds of applications for Entertainment, Education, Business & Marketing purposes.

Please get in touch with your specific requirements!

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